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  Add/modify Page using CMS (Content Management System)
  Forum administration
  Using Online Picture Management feature
  Using "Update Random quote" Feature
  Email issues
  How to upload/download files via CuteFTP Software
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Email  Issues

How to setup POP3 mail in your computer (using Outlook express)
Step 1: Open outlook express
Step 2: Go to menu bar> Tools> Accounts>
Step 3: Click on “Mail” tab, then click on Add> Mail
Step 4: In Display name, type what ever you want, then click next
Step 5: In email address, type your email address then click next
Step 6: In mail server name, type pop3 and smtp information in section I ( see basic information )
Step 7: Account name: your email address (without @yoursite.com)
Password: (see “basic information”)
Step 8: Click “finish”. Now you can send/received
Step 9: Test : Go to Tool> Send And received> > Send And received All


How to check webmail
Go to the link in
basic information

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