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   Support links: Edit/Add/Modify your page using FrontPage Extension Server
  Add/modify Page using CMS (Content Management System)
  Forum administration
  Using Online Picture Management feature
  Using "Update Random quote" Feature
  Email issues
  How to upload/download files via CuteFTP Software
  Using Shoppign cart OSC-Creload, admin backend
  Miscellaneous (Screen shot, crop/ resize picture...)


How to make a screen shot your page
1. You are at  www.yourwebpage.com. Just hit "Print Scrn" button on your keyboard (normally on top right)
2. Open Microsoft Word, open a new document. Then hit Ctrl + V (or go to menu>Edit>Paste) in order to paste the screen as a picture
3. Optional : If you want to make a note right on the picture, please use Drawing tool in Microsoft word. Start with Menu> Picture > New Drawing.
Then chose Autoshapes tool (bottom left) > CallOuts
4. Save this file and email to me (use attachment)


How to crop/ resize pictures using Microsoft Office Picture Manager
(You must have are at  Microsoft Office Picture Manager Program installed in your computer)

1. From the Desktop, click on "My Computer" and go to the location of picture that you want to modify
2. Select the picture and right click and Chose "Open With" , and chose "Microsoft Office Picture Manager"
3. New Window Of Microsoft Office Picture Manager shows up. Then click on button "Edit Pictures..." on top.
4. Click on link "Crop" (if you want to cut/crop picture) or "Resize" (if you want to make the picture smaller) on the right panel, and follow the instruction on the screen.
5. After you are satisfied with the modification, then click on File > Save on menu bar on top.
6. Click on File > Exit to quite the program (Microsoft Office Picture Manager)


How to make a copy of picture/ file on your computer

1. From the Desktop, click on "My Computer" and go to the location of picture or file that you want to copy
2. Select picture/file, right click > Copy
3. Right click any blank space on the screen and chose "paste. A copy of the picture/ file will be created. By degault, it have name like " Copy of ...." in the same location
4. You may want to rename it. Here is how: select the picture > Right Click > Rename


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