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   Support links: Edit/Add/Modify your page using FrontPage Extension Server
  Add/modify Page using CMS (Content Management System)
  Forum administration
  Using Online Picture Management feature
  Using "Update Random quote" Feature
  Email issues
  How to upload/download files via CuteFTP Software
  Using Shoppign cart OSC-Creload, admin backend
  Miscellaneous (Screen shot, crop/ resize picture...)

Random Quote

How to change/ add text in random quote feature (Cadao, for example)
Step 1: Use front page to Open your site > Open File "tho.htm" located at //random_quote/tho.htm
Step 2: If you want to change text, just change the way you like
If you want to add a new quote, type the quote. Remember each quote is separated by a horizontal line. To add a horizontal line, go to menu bar> Insert> Horizontal line
Step 3: Click on "HTML" or "Code" tab at the bottom to view the page as code source. Make sure that each quote is sit on one line
Step 4: After you finish the edit, just close and you should see the effect online now



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